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You may not be able to catch Pokemon Go in your backyard, but you can catch Pokemon in your pocket, thanks to a new smartphone app.

A developer called GameTap has created a mobile app that enables players to track their Pokemon to protect their privacy and prevent people from identifying them.

You can also see your stats in real time, like your Pokemon’s level and stats.

The app is free to download, and is available in the App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store.

You have to install it first, however, and if you do, you will be prompted to log in to GameTap.

The service works on Android and iOS, with GameTap also supporting Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.

GameTap’s app is not an official Pokemon Go app.

The company’s website has no official links to the game, and GameTap doesn’t offer any official Pokemon GO data, according to a GameTap spokesperson.

A spokesperson for GameTap did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

You may be wondering how you can protect your privacy in Pokemon Go if you don’t have a smartphone.

According to GamePay, you can’t use your smartphone’s GPS or Bluetooth to track your Pokemon.

You cannot also use your phone to send or receive messages, or to use apps like Pokemon Go that track your location.

You must first use your device’s GPS to track a Pokemon, and then you can use the device’s Bluetooth to send a message or receive a notification.

You also can’t share Pokemon Go data with other people or share your location with others.

The Privacy Policy on GameTap says that GameTap can “identify, track, and block users who are using a GameStop or GameStop mobile app or a GameStore app to access their Pokemon data.”

GameTap does allow users to send private messages, however.

It allows users to use the GameTap app to send and receive messages from friends and family, as well as to send personal messages to specific people, such as spouses or children.

GamePay says that its messaging service is secure, and that it doesn’t allow any third-party apps or third-parties to access or use your private messages.

“GameTap is committed to the privacy of our users, and we never disclose or share their personal information,” the GamePay website states.

If you have questions about GameTap, including how the company uses your Pokemon Go Pokemon data, you might want to check out our video on the topic.

If Pokemon Go doesn’t work in your area, there are other apps that offer similar features, and they might also help you protect your Pokemon from being tracked.

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