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The Oregon Register, which operates like an online voter registration system, is starting a new online registration page to assist people who want to register to cast their ballots.

The Register will accept applications for the new registration site, which is expected to be open this week.

The Register’s site will be open to anyone in Oregon who wants to register.

The site will also be accessible through the Oregon Secretary of State website.

The new registration page will allow people to enter their information, including address and phone number, and to add the name of a person or organization to register them as a voter.

“Registering is a way for citizens to participate in elections without fear of having their identities and votes cast against them, or for someone to make sure they are eligible to vote if they choose to,” said Register Executive Director Chris Sorensen in a statement.

“We are committed to providing our community with the information and services they need to vote.”

The Register is working on its own version of the system, which has not been launched.

But Soressen said he was working to make it better.

The new system will be available to register in two weeks, and Soreson said it will include more features.

The registration page is the first step in a process that Sorenensen said will be long and challenging.

Sorensensen hopes the new website will make it easier for Oregonians to participate as part of the state’s “Voting for America” initiative.

The online registration system is the same one that has been used in several other states, including Arizona, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.

The Arizona and New Mexico systems allow anyone to register online to vote in those states.

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