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India is expected to launch an investigation into doctors in the medical profession and raise the spectre of “corporate governance”.

Doctors, who make up about 20% of India’s total population, are a key pillar of the government’s healthcare delivery system and will be asked to provide data on their pay and work conditions in a report due in the next few weeks, the Times of Indian newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The report said the government would probe “coronavirus-related salary schemes and practices” of some of India “the most important medical profession” in the country.

“We are going to initiate an inquiry into doctors.

We have already started a dialogue with the Chief Medical Officer,” Chief Medical Advisor Dr Harsh Khandekar told the newspaper.

“We are looking at the situation, and there are two things that have to be discussed.

First of all, we have to find out the data on pay, and we will also ask for an explanation of the salary structures in some of the schemes and arrangements in some hospitals.”

The medical profession is one of Indias biggest employers, with over half of India employees in the public sector.

Khandekarek said he expected the report to be released soon and would hold a press conference on Thursday to announce the findings.

“The government is not against transparency.

Transparency is something that we are working on.

But it is not something that the government is against.

It is for the public interest,” he said.

Kshatriya Krishnan, a member of the Doctors Union and the chairperson of the National Commission for Pay Equity and Quality of Medical Care, said that a report like this could lead to an inquiry.

“What is happening now is an attempt by the government to get back control over the health sector.

The doctors’ union is calling for transparency,” Krishnan told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“What is being done is a clear violation of their democratic rights, and if we don’t get answers, then we have nothing to say.”

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