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The words ‘worst’ and ‘(worst)’, sometimes used interchangeably, are often used interchangeately.

The phrase ‘most’ or ‘worst possible’ has a specific meaning.

To put it simply, a worst possible obituary is one that’s the least likely to happen.

It’s the one that doesn’t make a great headline or make the front page of the paper.

Here are some of the best obituars in the history of the Australian newspaper.

“What a terrible, terrible day” “You are in a very strange place.

You’ve been through hell and back.

I hope you don’t cry for a week” The first time a man went to the hospital to die, his funeral home took him.

He was a farmer from Queensland and he had been diagnosed with cancer, but the cancer wasn’t in his lungs.

Then, a few months later, he was admitted to the intensive care unit at Mount Eliza Hospital, where he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

His condition worsened and he eventually died.

After he died, the family asked the hospital for an obit.

Instead, the hospital had a different funeral home.

When the family found out about the death of their loved one, they called the funeral home and they asked for an exact obit, too.

They said they didn’t have it.

So they went to a funeral home in New South Wales.

For three hours, they waited for an answer.

There was nothing they could do.

Two hours later, they received an obituar, the very first in history, about the man who died on their doorstep.

As he lay in bed, he couldn’t speak.

That night, he would go to sleep thinking he was dead.

A man who had lost his battle with cancer went to bed thinking he had died.

He awoke to find he was alive.

At this point, it was obvious there was nothing that could be done.

Doctors told the family they had two options.

They could have their beloved friend cremated or they could send the remains to a body bank.

On their own, the couple didn’t want to send the bodies to the body bank because they didn)t want to lose him.

But it was a different story when they got a call from the family, telling them there was a new obit in the works.

If you read the obit you can see the two doctors sitting in front of him.

They were both smiling.

They said they were glad he was in good health.

Just like the day he died.

A few weeks later, the death was recorded on the hospital records.

No one knows why he was so ill.

But it’s not a bad thing, because this was the beginning of a lot of good news.

Even if they had to bury their son, the doctor and the family would never have given up hope of a miracle.

We hope this obit helps to bring awareness to cancer.

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