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RN’s in New South Wales have been asked to start using old fashioned cash registers to register the number of their deceased loved ones.

The RNs Association of New South Britain (NASB) has asked all its members to register their deceased patients’ names on the registers in their names.

A nurse will be able to register his or her deceased patient’s name, if it’s an eligible person and they are unable to make their death official.

RNZ RNs say they will begin registering the names of patients and will also be able write their initials on the register to indicate how many years ago the deceased person died.

For now, it will only be used to track the date of death and not to indicate the cause of death.

It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the way that we interact with the deceased, RNs say.

Dr Rona Gogarty, RN of the Royal New South Welsh Nursing Association (RNSA), said the idea came about when her daughter passed away.

“I wanted to give her a memorial for her life, which is a lot more personal and meaningful than just filling in a register,” she said.

RNSA is also encouraging other RNs to get involved in the project.

In an email to RNs, RNSA said it is the only RN association in New England to do this and that it has had a large number of patients die in the past.

They said the project has a very positive impact on RNs and they encourage all members to participate.

If you would like to register your deceased loved one’s name on the old fashioned registers, contact RNSA’s national office at (03) 9348 6285.


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