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A registered agent is a person who is authorised to act as a registered broker for a particular trading organisation.

In the United States, for example, a broker is a trade association, which is a company that owns and manages a brokerage account.

In Australia, the regulator, ASIC, says registered agents are regulated under the Financial Services Amendment Act 1992.

Registered agents are able to act on behalf of registered brokers by accepting commissions on the sale of stocks or shares and by acting as a broker’s agent for other companies and organisations that are registered brokers.

They are also allowed to act for brokers that do not have a registered brokerage account or are not registered as brokers.

The regulator says a registered trading agent must act in the best interests of the organisation and the client, acting in a professional manner.

But ASIC also says that it will “not consider an agent to be a registered business for the purposes of a consumer protection regime”.

It says the agent must be registered with ASIC, and the agency must meet all the requirements of the relevant Act.

ASIC also sets out rules for how to form and maintain a registered financial institution.

Registered financial institutions in the United Kingdom are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates the sale and distribution of financial products.

They have to register with the FSA, which in turn is regulated by a separate regulator, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

The FSA is also regulated by ASIC.

The FSA regulates brokers and financial institutions, and ASIC regulates registered financial institutions.

ASIC has said that registered financial agents are not a broker.

ASIC says it is up to the financial institutions to register as registered financial brokers.

In contrast, registered financial advisers must register with ASIC and the FSA.

ASIC said that in the past, a lot of registered financial agencies have acted in bad faith and that the FSA did not apply to them.

ASIC does not require registered financial advisors to conduct their business in compliance with ASIC regulations.

ASIC did not respond to a request for comment.

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