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A heat register of will, which will allow people to register wills for property damage and personal injury, has been approved for registration.

The document will be signed by the clerk of the court, who will then have the power to seal the will, according to the registry of wills website.

“We’ve been working with the community to establish the structure of this registry so that we can better serve people who are looking for a way to protect their assets, and to also facilitate and protect their family members from losing their lives to natural or man-made disasters,” said Jennifer Zuber, the registrar of wills.

“This is the first registry of this kind we have in the province, and we want to work with other jurisdictions to establish this registry in other jurisdictions.”

The registry is expected to be available in Alberta’s three largest jurisdictions: Edmonton, Calgary and Regina.

The Alberta government’s Natural Resources Minister Jim Prentice said he was pleased the registry would be in place.

“The registry of will is one of the key tools that we use to prevent the loss of life and property in our communities and it is the right tool to protect the integrity of wills,” he said in a news release.

“It will also be useful to families and individuals who are considering creating a personal or family property deed to protect assets from loss, or to provide a way for people to claim property damage that is not currently covered by their personal or private will.”

Zuber said the process of the register was designed to ensure that individuals have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in their wills.

People can register wills by signing an online form or by visiting the registry’s website.

They can then use the register to enter information about property, including the value of property.

The registry was established in 2011.

It allows people to choose to register a will for damage or personal injury or a personal property deed, which would provide an owner with a legal way to claim damages or property damage.

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