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The Tasmanian Government has unveiled the “Safest State” index, which is based on the number of reported sightings of feral cats in the state.

“There are currently over 100 feral cats living in Tasmania, most of which are illegal cats,” the State Government said in a press release.

It also announced that the State Council would begin to monitor feral cats on the islands, with the first cat to be tagged being a female white-collared bobcat that has been spotted on the island of St Vincent in the last week.

“We know feral cats are highly mobile and will seek out new habitats if the opportunity presents itself,” the statement read.

“The Tasmanian Council of Rangelands is committed to reducing feral cats, reducing their numbers and ensuring they are managed in a humane manner.”

The release also announced the introduction of a new “Feral Cat Management Strategy”, with the goal of reducing feral cat numbers and reducing the spread of disease.

“In addition to the prevention of feral cat infestations, the Strategy will focus on preventing feral cat migration and the movement of feral felines, including in new habitat areas and areas of development,” the announcement read.

“The strategy will also provide assistance to landowners, who will be asked to monitor and manage feral cat populations in their properties.”

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