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You can register your Google account or Google account for your employees or customers, and you can register for your own Google account, Ansible announced Tuesday.

Ansible will start working with developers to offer new ways to register accounts and products with their Ansible projects.

The new service is part of a broader strategy to offer a broader suite of products and services to developers through a unified platform.

In addition to the new registration options, Ansibility is adding support for signing up for Google Developer Dashboard, and it will also provide support for other popular open source projects, such as OpenStack and Docker.

As a new project, Ansibel can be used for both private and public projects.

Users can sign up for Ansibels public account or private account, but the public account only supports public projects and projects that can run on Ansible.

For public projects, users must have the Ansible platform installed on their computer, which means a Linux box is required.

The company is also adding support to help users sign up and access their Ansibes accounts from the web, using Google or any of the major browsers.

Ansibers public account is also available on the web.

Ansilibel also offers a private account to support projects that are private or not public.

The team is currently adding new tools to its platform that will allow developers to register projects and products through Ansible, including an Ansibebox web-based tool that will let users create their own project and product templates.

Ansibility’s Ansibelin is a browser-based, open source project management system that has been used by thousands of developers and teams across the industry to help manage their projects and build their product pipelines.

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