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In the new year, the first major step in getting your money out of the cash register at a WalMart is to register to use a credit card.

The $20 fee is waived for those who register online, but you must register for a Wal-MartPayCard account, which gives you access to a wide array of services. 

Here are the steps to get your money registered.1.

Register online: Online registration is free.

It’s just a registration on a website. 

You will need to create an account and create a PIN.

You will need a debit or credit card that can be used at Walmart stores and at the online register. Sign up for a free account to receive an account number, password and login details. 

The card is a digital card with a unique QR code. 

After you register online you will receive an email with instructions to create a PayCard account and complete a short security check. 

A few weeks later you will be sent a verification email, which you must provide to your bank. 


Enter your PIN: You need to enter your PIN in order to use your card at the Wal-Marts register.

It is very easy to find a PIN and it is also easy to make one. 

Find your store near you and take a picture of your card. 

When you enter your card, the image on the back will appear. 


PayCard sign up process: The online sign up and verification process will take approximately 15-20 minutes. 

If you register on your phone, a message will appear asking you to verify your identity before you can use your debit or Credit card.4.

Fill out a short online payment form: Once you complete the online signup process, you will need an email address to send the payment to. 

Once the payment is processed, you can log in to your account and check out.5.

Pay card info: PayCard will automatically notify you when your credit or debit card is in your account. 

Your card will be charged a $0.01 fee for each card that is in the account.

You can find your card on the PayCard page. 

Pay card information is saved in your WalmartPayCard web browser. 


Pay online:  Once your account is in place, you are able to pay your bill at the register.

Once your bill is paid, your card is charged to your Walmart PayCard. 

It is important to note that you can only pay your bills at the Pay Card register.

You can only use your credit card at that register.7.

Check out your cards: Your PayCard card will automatically show up in your Wal-martPayPal account.

If you need help with your PayCard bill, click here to see a checklist of things to do. 8.

Pay your bill: If your bill does not get paid, you may have to call your bank to get a refund. 

Call your bank at 1-800-844-2272 to check.

If your bank does not return your call, you should contact the card issuer and file a dispute with the bank.

You should also notify the WalmartPay Card issuer that you want your card back. 


Pay the bill: The bank will issue a credit to your card with the same amount you paid.

You may have a limit of one credit card per month, per Walmart. 


Report a lost or stolen card: When your Paycard account is closed, you have the option to report a lost card by contacting your bank within 24 hours. 


Report an incorrect or expired card:The WalmartPay card is designed to provide a secure and reliable payment option.

If you have an incorrect card, WalmartPay will send you a credit or refund.

You are responsible for filing a claim with WalmartPay and WalmartPaycard to recover the card.

You may be able to request a refund through the online payment method. 


Submit a claim: Upon receiving your claim, Walmart Pay will verify the validity of your claim and issue you with a receipt for the money you paid for your card balance. 


Complete your online form: After you submit your online claim, you’ll be asked to enter information to verify that you are the rightful owner of your Pay Card. 


Submit your claim online:Your claim will be processed through the automated system.

If there is a dispute between you and the cardholder, the claim will go to court.

You have two options to resolve the dispute with your bank:If you receive a card for a different card, you must contact the issuer to resolve your dispute.

If the card is returned, you need to notify the card holder to make sure they received their

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