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Registering for the federal stimulus package will be easier for Nevadans this year than usual because the federal government will be accepting new applications for jobs and other benefits starting Thursday.

The Department of Labor and the state’s unemployment insurance agency are expected to approve the registration process this week, according to a person familiar with the matter.

In the past, the process has been a nightmare for people trying to get a job and other state-run agencies to process applications for unemployment and job training.

The new application process will allow for people to file and submit a single application for federal stimulus jobs and benefits, which will then be combined into one package that will be accepted by both the Labor Department and the Department of Social Services.

The person said registration for the job creation program is expected to take about three weeks.

For more than a decade, Nevadians have struggled to get work or get a chance to get on the job market because of the state and federal government’s refusal to expand the unemployment insurance system.

Now, they can get help from the federal unemployment agency.

The job creation package is expected as the state seeks a record $8 billion to $10 billion in federal stimulus money for Nevada to help with infrastructure projects and pay for social services.

The state is also looking to add $200 million in additional funding for roads, public safety and water projects to help the struggling economy.

The federal stimulus is expected in the billions of dollars and is aimed at helping Nevada build the infrastructure needed to combat climate change and meet other needs.

The jobs program will include: hiring workers to fill positions in the private sector.

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