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In the first week of November, a woman in California took to Facebook to post her own obituuary. 

In it, she described how her family had died of pneumonia at the age of 25 and that she had recently been given a prescription for the opioid OxyContin. 

“My parents, who have always been very much supportive, told me they would have loved me to have been alive to see their son return to them, even if it meant they could no longer breathe,” she wrote.

“They wanted to help me live, so I decided to take a step toward their dreams and give my own life back.”

The post has since been shared over 1.3 million times and received more than 30,000 comments. 

A week later, another woman shared a similar post about her mother’s death from pneumonia and how she’d taken a different approach to her own death.

“I just woke up and cried for two days straight.

I had a heart attack, and my dad took my heart and ran it through a ventilator to get me out of there,” she said.”

That was the first time in my life that I felt like, ‘I don’t need this, I don’t want this.'”

The story has been shared more than 300,000 times, and was featured on CNN and MSNBC. 

Another woman, who has not been identified by name, shared a video of herself dying from complications from the same pneumonia she was receiving. 

On Wednesday, the Huffington Post published an article about a mother of three who wrote about her own father’s death and how he had sought a copy of her obituary to share with her. 

The story, which was shared more times than not, has been viewed more than 500,000 time. 

HuffPost writer Amanda Terrill posted a photo of her father, whose name is being withheld, on Thursday and said she had contacted the father’s daughter and family and was waiting to hear back. 

One woman said she was inspired to write a post after her father’s passing.

“It’s been a long, long road to getting to this point, but I’ve always been a survivor and it’s been so hard,” she told HuffPost.

“I feel like I’ve finally found my place and I’m finally getting a voice.”

Read more at Huffington Post

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