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Fox Sports has learned that the NFL’s pen register will be one of the game’s big draws, as well as the main way fans will be able to track down their favourite players.

The NFL has been working on the pen register since 2014, when former NFL executive Michael Lynch was brought in to lead the league’s technology, and the league has been keeping the idea alive ever since.

Lynch left the league in August and is now in charge of the Pen Technology group, which includes the NFLPA.

Lynch told Fox Sports in a statement that he was looking forward to seeing what Pen Technologies can do with the technology.

“I am excited to be able give NFL fans the ability to easily access their team’s most valuable data,” Lynch said.

But it won’t be the only way fans can track down a player.

As we’ve reported, NFL teams will be using the pen registers for tracking players’ injuries, suspensions and off-field problems, but the league doesn’t want to be too far behind the curve when it comes to technology.