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Registration of dogs is becoming increasingly popular in Tennessee.

The state’s dog registration agency, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, announced Thursday it is now accepting applications for dogs that are “not a public safety threat” and that are registered by owners who have met all requirements.

In the past year, more than 6,000 dogs have been registered, with more than 700 coming from the state’s large metropolitan areas.

More than 300,000 cats and kittens have been also been registered.

The new policy allows dogs registered by registered owners to be removed from the registry once their owners have completed a registration process, and those that are no longer deemed a threat will be returned to their owners.

This policy also allows the agency to keep a record of the dogs’ physical health.

“I would say the overall numbers have been fairly consistent and fairly good,” TBI Director David Jones said Thursday.

Jones said the agency received more than 800 applications for registration since the beginning of 2017.

Tennessee also plans to accept applications from owners who are looking to relocate their pet, but the agency will take steps to ensure that no dogs are left in the state without proper documentation.

If an owner has no other option but to leave their pet in Tennessee, they will be notified that the agency has removed their pet from the registration system.

And while it is legal to leave a dog with an owner who has not registered it, it is illegal to keep the dog on the state registry without the owner’s consent.

The agency has issued several cease and desist orders against people who have violated the new rules.

Jones said he hopes the new policy will bring more people to register their dogs and will lead to the adoption of more dogs.

TBI Director Jones said the change was “a step in the right direction” and he was encouraged that the Tennessee Legislature and governor approved the policy.

We have the tools, he said, but it is up to the states to make the rules.

According to the Tennessee Secretary of State, more people are signing up to register dogs now than ever before.

Last month, the agency approved 1,824 registrations for dogs, up from 1,556 in February.

The Tennessee Bureau also has an application to list registered dogs and cat owners, and it is currently accepting applications from dogs and cats with disabilities.

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