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A man who accused his wife of poisoning him after he had sex with her has been acquitted of murder.

The man, from South Africa, was charged with murdering his wife, who was a registered nurse, after a video surfaced of them having sex on live television in January 2015.

The court in Pretoria, South Africa’s capital, ruled in the man’s favour on Monday, saying he had been charged with murder and that the evidence in the case had been sufficient.

The trial was adjourned for two weeks.

The Pretoria District Court heard the woman, who has not been named, was in the process of moving to South Africa from South America when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2009.

The woman had undergone surgery at a private hospital in Johannesburg to treat her illness and the doctor she had been seeing was not working.

She left the country with the intention of visiting relatives in South America but was not seen again.

Her husband, also a registered domestic partner, was then working in South Africa and was working at a hospital in Pretorius when the woman started seeing him.

The couple went to the doctor’s office in Pretori to have sex, but the doctor advised them to leave.

The man and his partner had sex, the court heard.

The accused claimed he was “disgusted” with the woman and told her he would “burn in hell”.

Afterwards, he went to her house and “fought” with her, the woman said in a statement read out in court.

The doctor had said he had treated the woman for a heart condition.

The prosecution claimed the doctor was afraid for her safety.

The judge in the trial, Justice Richard Cottrell, said he found the accused “not guilty of the charge of murder”.

The woman’s lawyer, Robert Emanuelson, said the judge was correct and the case should not be considered a murder trial.

The defence was expected to argue that the doctor should have known the woman was not mentally competent to consent to sex and had no right to consent.

“It’s very important to remember that she was a nurse.

It’s very clear she had no choice.

This man knew what he was doing,” Emanuson told reporters.”

He’s a professional.

He should have done his job.

He was going to burn in hell.”

The trial, which lasted five days, concluded with a verdict of acquittal on Monday.

The hearing was the first to examine the prosecution’s theory that the man and woman were having sex at the same time, with the doctor telling the woman to “fear for her life”.

The prosecution said the woman “was mentally and physically incapable of consenting” to sex.

The husband and wife were in the care of the court, but were allowed to visit each other.

“I want to say thank you to the family, to all those who have supported us during this trial,” Justice Cottrel said.

The case was adjournment until August 3.

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