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The cashback credit card, also known as a Walmart MoneyCard, allows shoppers to earn up to 10% cashback on purchases made with a credit card or debit card through Walmart stores.

The card has been around since 2011, but it was made available to consumers in November 2018.

Read more:WalmartMoneyCard, which is a registered agent for Walmart, says that the card will help shoppers get cashback when they make purchases online or at the retailer’s retail locations.

“With WalmartMoneyBack, shoppers can earn a 10% bonus on purchases at,, and,” Walmart said in a statement.

“To use the card, customers must have a Walmart Credit Card with a balance of at least $500.

To use the cashback card, shoppers must complete the online process, including filling out the online application, submitting a photo ID and paying the fee.”

The card comes with a $100 annual fee and is available to purchase online, through Walmart’s website or by calling 1-800-637-0025.

The card can be used to buy items at Walmart stores and in-store, as well as purchases at online retailers such as and

While Walmart has said that it has more than 200 million members in the US, its biggest market is the UK.

In addition to paying cashback, shoppers who use can earn 10% on purchases for up to $500, which can be redeemed for cash.

“The Walmart CashBack program is designed to help our members maximize their cashback,” Walmart spokesman Jonathan Dickson said.

“WalmartCashBack is a free, convenient way for our members to earn cashback.

Walmart is a global leader in convenience and loyalty programs, and we are excited to expand the reach of WalmartCashback in the UK.”

The company’s latest US expansion, WalmartFresh, also allows customers to use the WalmartCash back card for free in- store purchases.

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