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Registering a microchip to your dog will not only help them stay healthy, but will also give you the opportunity to share their unique story.

The Zagg Register is the first microchip-related registration site to make the jump to the mainstream.

The registration site uses a unique algorithm that looks for a name, age, breed, size, breed type and breed mix to help you identify your pet.

The first dogs to be registered on the Zagg register were a golden retriever and a pit bull.

Zagg said they were registered to a dog who was a “very loyal and playful dog,” which allowed the dog to have a unique name.

In April, the company launched a new microchip registration site called Zagg Pet, which also allows you to create your own dog tag with a dog’s face and name.

The new site will allow you to add your dog to your pet registry with a single click.

“Our goal is to make it easier for pet owners to create their own pet registry,” Zagg President and CEO Adam Coyle said in a statement.

“Zagg Pet will be a great addition to the growing number of pet registry sites and the adoption process.”

This is an exciting time for our industry and a new way to register your pet and find the right pet for you.

“Zagg is the third dog micro-chip company to make a big splash in the dog-microchip industry, following Zagg, Dog Tag and the Zagga Chip.

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